Open positions


I'm looking to hire a postdoc in Computational Biology (details below). The call will be open untill the position is filled.

The group

We are located in Stockholm at the Science for Life Laboratory. Our research interests broadly span algorithm development and analysis of sequence data. We have ongoing projects on method development for rapid sequence mapping and sequence similarity searches, and various computational problems in transcriptomic analysis, and collaborative projects in genome assembly. We also consider your project proposals if it aligns with the group's research programs.


It is preferred if applicants have experience in areas such as algorithms and data structures for genomic or transcriptomic analysis, or have developed efficient software for analyzing high-throughput sequencing data.  The ideal applicant has:

To apply

To apply, please send a letter of interest and current CV to In addition, for qualified applicants, I might ask you for a couple of recommendation letters or contact details of your PhD supervisor. Applications will be reviewed until the positions are filled. Questions should be directed to me at

BSc and MSc thesis projects

Contact me for eventual Master's or Bachelors's projects within algorithms in Life Sciences and Bioinformatics. Please mention your academic background and include the courses you took and your grades. I expect you to have knowledge about programming and be highly motivated.